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Hercules,and the Golden Apple

Wagner Performing Arts Center 639 West Main Street, Monroe


Hercules & the Golden Apple is a fun, musical retelling of one of twelve labors of Hercules, the mythological Greek hero.  It features the epic journey of Hercules as he tries to find the mysterious hidden garden of his nemesis, Hera, so he can pick two golden apples from her magical tree and present the prize to his cousin, King Eurystheus.  He must do ten labors to lift a curse, but King Eurystheus & Hera claim he cheated on two of the first ten and must do two more.  Hercules’ journey takes him from the shores of the Greek Islands to the Sphinx of Egypt, to the Sahara, and finally to the island of Atlas, the Titan.

The show is filled with fun songs, colorful mythological creatures, & a narration by a wacky Greek chorus.  The show was adapted by P. Haines-Ainsworth with original music by Terence Alaric Levitt.

*** Please choose carefully, no refunds due to fees incurred by the theatre.  Bring a printout of your Cart or Confirmation to the Show to get your Tickets ***

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