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$250.00 for the week includes a performance at the end of the week for family and friends

(Optional pre-arranged aftercare up to additional two hours @ $10/hr.)

The program will be filled with confidence building experiences, enhancing social interaction with peers, and cooperation between actors/actresses and stage crew. The participants will be encouraged to increase attention span, and follow directions and cues.

Along with acting, singing and movement, the participants will be able to creatively express themselves in art projects such as helping build the sets and props. This will involve designing, painting (smocks provided), gluing, and building.

The groups will be small and weather permitting outside.
An additional art project will be offered for them to take home.

You have several options for sending in a registration form:
1.  Download the "Blank" pdf form, fill it in Manually, scan it and email it
2.  Download the "Fill-in" PDF form, Fill it in with your computer, Download
     with the Changes, Email the saved PDF
3.  Email to request a registration form.

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